To my husband

Reading 1 Timothy 3 this morning, I can’t help but marvel at all the qualities of these godly men that you already possess. I am so grateful for you, for all of you, the whole way through. 

I love how fun you are. 

I love that you’ve quietly taken over a sizeable chunk of housework.

I love that you can cook a meal with, like 28 kids (okay, just 3) running around. ‘Cause I sure can’t.

I love that you restock the bathroom with toilet paper. And in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

 For your devotion to God: How many men have the boldness to leave a promising career, a life-long dream, to serve in ministry full-time? With all of its stereotypes and unknown turns? You trusted God. You said yes. You followed the call of Christ. You obeyed. In this step alone are so many beautiful qualities – trust, obedience, priorities. 

For your honesty: you are a man of integrity. You tell the truth, even refraining from little fibs to our children. Refraining from convenient white lies. You speak the truth. You communicate the truth. I trust you completely, and I never have to doubt that you are hiding things from me. 

For your wisdom: I don’t have to worry about your decisions. I find rest in the fact that you make decisions with integrity and sound judgment. You think of our family. You lead us so well, yet you also seek my opinion, which is also a blessing because at times I don’t know my own opinions and you help me to understand. I know myself better because of your insight into me. You hold me accountable in the most gentle way. You keep me steady, when things (large or small) threaten to undo me. 

For your love for your job: I am often struck with how perfect this job is for you and who God has shaped you to become. Your strengths thrive in this work – interacting with kids, discipline other men, organizing events, learning and studying, leading others into stronger walks with God. 

For your love for our family: You are the most devoted and involved father I know. I have peace about you caring for our kids or taking them to any function. This is huge. So many wives feel unable to trust their husband in this way, and I love that we are truly partners in this tough job called parenting. It occurs to me that this is yet another piece of God’s grace. If we had easy children, I would not have to depend on you as much. I would be tempted to take it all. We have truly drawn closer together as a direct result of our children. Praise God for all His good gifts, for He truly knows what we need! 

For your love for me: I love that we call each other several times a day. That we talk on the phone all the way into the house to see each other. I love that we laugh all the time. I love that we can communicate honestly with each other, without judgment. That we are naturally on the same page most of the time. Loving you truly is easy and enjoyable, and I know many marriages do not have that luxury. You are truly my favorite person. The one I long to pour my heart out to. The one I bare my body and soul to. Two shall become one… It is with pride that I call you “my husband.” It is with joy that I share all of myself and all of my life with you. You know more about me that anyone on this earth. I treasure your opinions and our conversations. I yearn for your arms and your hands. 

I love you. All of you. And all of what we are together. 

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