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“As each part does its work.” Why is that the hard part? One of the things that often stops me from sharing my story through writing is the thought that I have nothing inspired or original to say. My story is similar to many others, why does anyone want to hear what I have to say?

So I just don’t. I quietly disobey, disregarding God’s ability and opportunity to work through me. 

So these verses kinda hit me hard. Struck a spiritual nerve. 

We had a house built some years ago. During the process, we interacted with one contractor, but actually many different people, groups, and entities came into contact with our house before we moved in. Each crew reported to the contractor. Each did their job, their own work. Eventually, the parts and jobs and labor all fit together, and we had a beautiful completed house. 

Occasionally, progress was delayed because of one person or company. The plumber won’t be able to come out until next week. The sheetrock crew is held up on a previous job. 

I want my life to be glorifying to God, helpful to His purposes, not a problem or cause for delay. I don’t feel particularly talented at writing, and I confess I let that stop me. But regardless of my talent, I do feel called to write for His glory. I report to the Ultimate Contractor. He called me, He wants my work. 

He wants your work, too. Yes. That whisper in your soul, that dream in your heart? God wants that. He wants to use you in His work, too. 

As each of us obey in our own calling (Christians use this word for a spiritual job or desire), we partner with God to complete His purposes. We join with Him in His great plan, each of us doing our own work. And although God doesn’t require our assistance? He invites us to, to bring our individual talents, experiences, and circumstances to the job site. We may not be privilege to see the final work, but if we trust the man in charge, we can be assured of great progress along the way and an awesome finished project.

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith,” Hebrews 12:2


  1. Thank you for your faith inspired reflections. God is working through you, fulfilling his purpose and revealing Himself through you and your words.


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