Joys of Today

I love Ann Voskamp’s discipline of counting blessing, gifts, pieces of God’s graces (One Thousand Gifts, read it!). And Margaret Feinberg’s ideas of fighting back with stubborn, defiant joy (Fight Back with Joy). And I love how related these two concepts are. Count your blessings, see the gifts, both great and small, that God graces us with every day, and tap into joy. 
I try to focus on some glimpses of grace everyday. It’s a really beautiful discipline, and one that has changed my thinking, my perspective. 

Here’s today’s:

Resurrection Sunday. The miracle of the Risen Savior. My sins washed away. Gone. Forever gone. My sin is forgotten by my Father, who loved me enough to make a way to make me clean. 

My pastor and his studies, his wise words, God’s power working through him, the Holy Spirit working in him, in us, through him, through us. God, teach us, teach me, to crave more of You and hold onto more of You and give more of me to You. 
My husband. His steady strength, steady and level, but always striving to grow  in You. 

New salvations, new little sisters in Christ. 

My children. My oldest. Seeing all, remembering all, loving all, asking about it all, soaking it all up. My middle boy, seeking snuggles and sweets. Alternately trying out manners and tantrums – which one works best? My baby, my beauty, those eyes, inch-worming through her world, Cooing and singing, blessing us all with sloppy kisses, waves and smiles. 

My family visiting, laughter and fellowship. Food. Pokey feet and fuzzy blankets piled up on the couch. 

Quiet and calm, rare commodities in this household.  The learned grace to let the mess go (sometimes). The gift that God gave me to be a mama, to dole out kisses and hugs and sweets and comforts and blankets and clean diapers. 

And finally, today, the realization that none of these joys are possible, would even exist without what this day remembers, 2000 years ago. Without a Father, who made me, sees me and notices me, understands me, who premeditated a Way to save me from the consequences of my very nature. He loves me that way, that much.

Mind blown. “Great is our Lord, and abundant in power.” Psalm 147:5

And what’s more (hint: with God, there’s always more), He loves you that way, too. More joy, more grace. Enough joy, enough grace, thousands of gifts for me every day, thousands for you every day. 

And more. 

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